Polar Express Day 2009

Today marked the annual tradition of the Polar Express Day in the Barrow Media Center.  This year we welcomed many students who are new to Barrow and enjoyed their very first Polar Express.  Classes came to the media center two at a time.  They were greeted by Mr. MacMillan or Dr. Sabatini waving a lantern and talking with them about the magic of coming aboard the Polar Express.  Students entered through a tunnel into a darkened media center illuminated by holiday trees, snowflake lights, lanterns, and spotlights.  Students sat in rows as if they were sitting on the actual Polar Express itself.  Conductors served hot chocolate to all students and a teacher held the spotlighted book and turned the pages as we listened to the Polar Express be read.  Before leaving the media center, students had a bell placed around their neck with the words “Always Believe” whispered in their ears.  With bells and candy canes in hand, students filed out.  We were so excited to see so many new faces and we salute our fifth graders who experienced their final Polar Express Day.

Always Believe!