Poem In Your Pocket Day 2010

Our poetry cafe came to a close today after two very busy days of open mic poetry readings.  Today was our official Poem in Your Pocket Day.  We kicked off the day on BTV with a video of book spine poetry, a reading of “Pocket Poem” by Bobbi Katz, a poetry reading from a student, and our principal sharing a poem from his own pocket.

Our cafe opened at 8AM and stayed busy the entire day.  All students, teachers, and staff in the school carried poems in their pockets and wore a “Poem in Your Pocket Day 2010” sticker.  Students shared poems they had written as well as poems they found in books.  Several incredible moments happened during the day.  When Ms. Olin went to do lunch duty, she saw students asking each other to share their poems.  Our principal went outside to recess on both of our school playgrounds and heard students saying, “Do you have your poem?  Let me hear it”.  In the media center, we saw several students who hardly ever speak go up to the microphone and share their poem.  We saw students do some impromptu multiple voice poems and choral reading.  We also heard a beautiful reading of Eloise Greenfield’s “Honey, I Love” from a 3rd grader.  We had several adults who also shared at our open mic.  Our school secretary, aka “The Queen”, shared a poem about being a queen.  Our technology integration specialist, Steve Piazza, shared a poem he wrote about pockets.  Meg Inscoe, a first grade paraprofessional, shared a limerick about her class.  Our media paraprofessional, Shelley Olin, shared two poems that she wrote about things she loves and dreams.  Several teachers, including Ms. Em, shared their poetry as well.  The list could go on and on.  The day was just filled with wonderful moments.

It was sad to take down all of the cafe decorations after school, but we have these pictures to help us remember this wonderful day until next year’s Poem in Your Pocket Day.