Deborah Wiles

It’s hard to believe that our visit with author Deborah Wiles is over. Students and teachers had a wonderful time listening to Mrs. Wiles talk about her books and her love of writing. She shared her writing notebooks with us and helped us to see that her stories come from things that happened to her in her own life. She even showed us funny things like how she turned her rotten red-headed brother into a girl in Love, Ruby Lavender and how she turned her Aunts into chickens. Students are filled with ideas of where they can find the stories in their own lives, and we will be working on personal narrative writing a lot over the next few weeks and publishing that writing in a variety of formats. Some of the writing will probably even be on this blog. Let’s all find our stories and find ways of sharing them with one another.

New Podcast and Spring Break Check-In

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Here’s a new podcast about what I’ve been reading during Spring Break.  You can subscribe to this podcast or visit our media center homepage, scroll to the bottom, and click play.  I hope you all are having a fabulous break and enjoying some intriguing books.  Remember to record your 300 minutes of reading to earn you star on the Book Fair Walk of Fame.  See you Monday!

New Poetry Section

Thanks to a great presentation by my colleague, Buffy Hamilton, at the Children’s Literature Conference, I’ve discovered a new tool for us to use in our media center.  Harper Collins has many wonderful books to browse on their website.  These books allow you to preview a book before you buy it, but most importantly, they let you see a book we may not have in our media center or that is currently checked out.   Next month is National Poetry Month.  I’ve started a poetry collection on  our media center webpage.  We’ll have many more exciting poetry events coming up, so stay tuned for more.fireshot-capture-3-clarke-county-school-district-teacher-pages-andy-plemmons-www_clarke_k12_ga_us_webpages_aplemmons_poetry_cfm

New Podcast & New Books

We just received a new shipment of books in the media center.  This was a small shipment, but there’s more to come.  Listen to my podcast to hear about some of the titles we received.   Just click on the link, scroll down to the bottom of the Barrow Media Center webpage, and click “play” on our Gcast podcast.  Enjoy!

Are You Up for the Challenge?


In this week’s purple folders at Barrow, students will receive a sheet for a reading challenge over spring break.  We are challenging students, teachers, and even parents to read 300 minutes during spring break.  Time starts on Friday March 6 and runs through Sunday March 15.  Students, teachers, and parents who bring back completed sheets on March 16th, 17th, or 18th will receive a star on our walk of fame in the media center.  The walk of fame is part of this year’s book fair theme, Lights!  Camera!  Read!  Students who complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing to receive a $10 book fair gift certificate.  We hope everyone will take the challenge.  Let’s see how much we can read over spring break!  Don’t forget to stop by and check out some books before the break.