Guest Reader Day 2010

Well…even a week-long jury duty service did not stop our annual guest reader day at Barrow.  We jokingly said “What’s going to happen to keep me out on this year’s guest reader day?” because inevitably something happens from being sick to being on jury duty when this special day rolls around.  I was fortunately able to attend this morning’s event before heading off to court, and it was so delightful to see so many community members coming together to support our Barrow students.  We would like to thank the following individuals:

Sharon Denero
Ralph Stephens
Lauren McElhannon
Sam Preston
Janet Geddis
Anisa Sullivan Jimenez
Utevia Tolbert
Barb Wright
Hester Meyers
Denise Spangler
Kevin O’Neil
Heidi Davidson
Maxine Eason
Terry Nestor
Paul Kurtz
Don Nelson
Keith Weaver
Rachel Watkins
David Meyers
Marsha Davis
Dan Beshara
Coach Richt
Bryn Adamson
Molly Efland

Our next guest reader event will be on March 2nd for Dr. Seuss Day.  It’s not too early to let me know you are interested!  Of course, our school is always open to readers sharing great stories with our students.  Just let me know.

GaETC Exemplary Elementary Media Program

Tomorrow, I will be presenting the exemplary elementary media program with Betsy Clem from Murray County and the Woodlawn Elementary Media Center.  Here is a link to the prezi we will be using during our presentation.