New Books!

The Clarke County School District approved money for each school to purchase materials to update media center collections.  The money focused on buying materials that met the new science and social studies curriculum.  These orders are starting to arrive in our media center, and we are so happy to see them here.  Here are pics of the first book order.  Also, I did a book talk on one of new arrivals.  Stop by and see what’s new.

Guest Reader Day

Today was one of our annual guest reader days at Barrow.  We had a wide variety of community members who attended.  Each community member selected a book and read to a classroom.  Every classroom had at least one reader, but many had two.  Thank you to these people who read:

Hester Meyers

Evelyn Riley

Christie Purks

Madelyne Van Dyke

Harry Simms

Sue Holt

Amy Gellins

Paul Kurtz

Lane Norton

Mike Wooten/Mark Richt

Denise Mewborn

Heidi Davison/Lisa Cesnik

Ethelynn Simpson

Judge Sweat

Noris Price

James Simms

Ken Mauldin

Leland Barrow

Melissa Roberts

Eric Keese

Graphic Novels are Here!

It has been a long wait and an interesting story about all of the trouble it took to get our new graphic novels to our media center.  I won’t tell you the story now, but I wanted to let you know that…..THEY’RE HERE!  Several students already came to check them out today.  Check out the pics below to see the new arrivals and some very excited students.

Storybook Parade

Ocotber 30th was the storybook parade at Barrow.  We dressed as our favorite storybook characters and paraded to 5 points with our books.  It was so much fun to see 400 students moving down the sidewalk and chanting, “Read More Books!  Read More Books!”  Take a look at everyone in action.

Vote Panda!

I’m sure everyone had a wonderful time voting in our mock election and our Presidential election, but now there’s an opportunity for another kind of voting.  Zoo Atlanta’s baby panda will turn 100 days old on December 8.  You have a chance to help decide his name by visiting Zoo Atlanta’s webpage and casting your vote.  Do this on your own, with your family, or with your class.  See if your favorite name gets chosen on December 8.