Polar Express Day

Well…another Barrow tradition carried on today as students, teachers, and families celebrated Polar Express Day. The whole school was nice and toasty in their PJs. Classes came two at a time to the media center. They were led by a conductor carrying a lantern. Each class heard a speech about using the ticket of imagination to get on board the Polar Express. Classes entered silently into a darkened media center as Polar Express music played over the speakers. Hot chocolate was served and students were ready for a story. We listened to a recording of the Polar Express as a teacher turned the pages of the book illuminated by a spotlight. After the story, every student received a bell along with the message to “Always Believe”. Each student received a candy cane on his/her way out. It was great to experience this tradition and celebration of reading. It was especially fun to see the PreK students’ first Polar Express day and the Fifth Grade students’ last day. It was a day filled with emotion, fun, and enjoyment of reading.

Lots of New Books!

What do 367 new books look like?  Check out these pics.  We just finished processing these books that connect to the science and social studies curriculum for Georgia.  When a shipment of books comes in, they don’t go straight onto the shelf.  They have to be inspected, checked off on the invoice, stamped, and labeled.  Because this order ties to our curriculum so well, I wanted teachers to get to see them before they went into circulation.  Yesterday, we held a book preview and many teachers and students came to day to start checking out these books.  We want to thank CCSD for funding these extra books during a tough economic time.  They have helped us get a strong start toward having materials in our media center that match science and social studies curriculum for all grade levels.

The Tale of Despereaux & the Holidays

Check out our new display in the media center.  I was lucky enough to get a standee from the upcoming movie, The Tale of Despereaux.  I’m super excited about this movie.  Kate DiCamillo is my favorite author, and many of you love her writing as well.  We can’t keep the Tale of Despereaux on our shelves.  Kate DiCamillo has several other great books, which are all featured in this display.  Stop by and check them out.

We’ve also been decorating for the holidays and putting up books displays related to the December holidays.  If you have any great resources to share with us, let me know.

Author Visit

On Tuesday December 2, Pam Alexander visited our school.  We had a great time hearing her talk about Georgia.  She has traveled all over the state and put her traveling knowledge into her books and illustrations.  Her books include The Onion Ambassador, Sails Pails and Alligator Tales, Yumion’s Mountain Holidays, Yumion Goes to the City, and Jeremiah Makes History Hop.  Many students bought her books and got her autograph.  Check out the pics of her visit.  If you didn’t get a chance to purchase her books, stop by the media center and check on out.

Storyteller Visits Barrow

Jackie Elsener, librarian from Athens Regional Library, visited our school on Monday November 17 to tell stories to 4th and 5th grade.  The students enjoyed listening to the Tinder Box and a civil war ghost story.  She showed students the books where she learned the stories that she told.  Storytelling is a wonderful activity.  Try telling a story of your own to someone you know.  Also, don’t forget that Athens Regional library is a wealth of information and a wonderful place to find some new stories.