The Tale of Despereaux & the Holidays

Check out our new display in the media center.  I was lucky enough to get a standee from the upcoming movie, The Tale of Despereaux.  I’m super excited about this movie.  Kate DiCamillo is my favorite author, and many of you love her writing as well.  We can’t keep the Tale of Despereaux on our shelves.  Kate DiCamillo has several other great books, which are all featured in this display.  Stop by and check them out.

We’ve also been decorating for the holidays and putting up books displays related to the December holidays.  If you have any great resources to share with us, let me know.

2 thoughts on “The Tale of Despereaux & the Holidays

  1. Andy, this is marvelous! Wow!

    • plemmonsa says:

      Thanks, Buffy. I was so happy to get this. The kids have really enjoyed the display and it’s been great to see them checking out Kate DiCamillo’s other books.

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