Guest Reader Day

Today was one of our annual guest reader days at Barrow.  We had a wide variety of community members who attended.  Each community member selected a book and read to a classroom.  Every classroom had at least one reader, but many had two.  Thank you to these people who read:

Hester Meyers

Evelyn Riley

Christie Purks

Madelyne Van Dyke

Harry Simms

Sue Holt

Amy Gellins

Paul Kurtz

Lane Norton

Mike Wooten/Mark Richt

Denise Mewborn

Heidi Davison/Lisa Cesnik

Ethelynn Simpson

Judge Sweat

Noris Price

James Simms

Ken Mauldin

Leland Barrow

Melissa Roberts

Eric Keese

2 thoughts on “Guest Reader Day

  1. Kellay Rice says:

    What a fun event for the students at Barrow Elementary. Such a rich literacy activity.

  2. plemmonsa says:

    Thanks, Kellay. The kids had a great time and I was so glad to hear so many community leaders stressing the importance of reading to our students. I missed out on the actual guest reader day because I was sick, but I’ve heard many great stories about how wonderful it was.

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