New Books

What an exciting day!  I watched out the window for the UPS truck to arrive every time I walked past a window.  Our first shipment of books was due to arrive at Barrow today and I couldn’t wait to rip open the boxes and see what was inside.  At about 3:00PM, they finally arrived.  I couldn’t get the boxes open fast enough.  The books were all tightly wrapped in plastic so I sliced through it with scissors and spread the books all out on the counter to see.  I wanted to read them all right then, but unfortunately I had other things to tend to, like our new BTV system.

Tomorrow, I will be getting the new books ready for display and checkout and trying not to sit down and read them all right away.  You should be able to see them at Taste of Barrow if all goes well.  In our new card catalog, there is a section called “Resource Lists”.  I created a list that shows all 75 books that just arrived in our media center.  I can’t wait to meet everyone tomorrow night and begin sharing my love of reading with you all.

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