Second Day Breaks Record

Well…I just thought we checked out a lot of books yesterday.  Today, six more classes and a few other students visited the media center and checked out 286 books.  For those of you wanting to do a math problem:  We checked out 222 books yesterday.  Today we checked out 286 books.  How many more books did we check out today than yesterday?

I have really enjoyed chatting with students about books.  I can tell that this is going to be such a wonderful job.  I love hearing about the students’ interests.  We’re already finding areas where we need to build up our collection based on student interest.  We’re taking notes and we’ll try to buy some new books throughout the year.  Also, many books were returned to the media center today because students had already finished them! Many of our new books are getting rave reviews from students.  I enjoyed hearing what students thought about the books that they returned.  We’re off to a great start.  Keep checking out those books.

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