First Day of Checkout

Today was a whirlwind.  We had six classes visit the media center.  I spent time introducing myself to all of the students.  Then, we shared a book together.  Grades K-2 are hearing The Shelf Elf and Grades 3-5 are hearing Wild About Books.  We have taken time to talk about taking care of our media center and its books so that it will be available for us everyday.  Students were eager to checkout books.  Many of them checked out our new books, while others found old favorites to check out again.  In all, we checked out 222 books today.  I was very impressed.  Here are a few pics of students enjoying the first day.

Ready for Checkout

The media center will open for checkout on Monday.  Most classes have already signed up to come to the media center for an orientation and a time to checkout.  Once students come to orientation, they will be free to visit the media center anytime their teacher allows them time to come or when they come in small groups or classes.  It’s going to be a busy week next week.  I’ll post an update on how our first week of checkout goes.

On another note, you will eventually be able to search our card catalog from home.  Right now, it can only be searched at school.  We are in the middle of switching our ciruclation systems, so it will take some time to make everything transition smoothly.

First Day

Well…the first day of school went really well at Barrow.  I enjoyed meeting so many of you last night at A Taste of Barrow.  Several classes came through today to say hello.  Next week, teachers have signed up to bring their classes to the media center for the first time.  We’ll be doing an orientation to the media center, and of course reading a great book too!  I look forward to seeing all of the students next week and start checking out lots of great books.

New Books

What an exciting day!  I watched out the window for the UPS truck to arrive every time I walked past a window.  Our first shipment of books was due to arrive at Barrow today and I couldn’t wait to rip open the boxes and see what was inside.  At about 3:00PM, they finally arrived.  I couldn’t get the boxes open fast enough.  The books were all tightly wrapped in plastic so I sliced through it with scissors and spread the books all out on the counter to see.  I wanted to read them all right then, but unfortunately I had other things to tend to, like our new BTV system.

Tomorrow, I will be getting the new books ready for display and checkout and trying not to sit down and read them all right away.  You should be able to see them at Taste of Barrow if all goes well.  In our new card catalog, there is a section called “Resource Lists”.  I created a list that shows all 75 books that just arrived in our media center.  I can’t wait to meet everyone tomorrow night and begin sharing my love of reading with you all.

Exciting things are coming!

I just received confirmation that our first shipment of new books for the media center is on its way.  These books should be here in time for A Taste of Barrow.  They include many of the GA Book Award nominees and many positively, reviewed titles.  I can’t wait for you to see them.  You won’t be able to check them out yet, but you will get to see the 75 new books that we have in the media center.  We will get many more new books this year.  We plan on ordering a lot of new science and social studies books.  Don’t forget to visit our website and consider joining the Barrow Buddy Book Builders by donating $20 to dedicate a book in honor or in memory of someone or something.  This will help us get even more books in our media center!  Don’t forget to stop by and say hello on August 6 at 5:30 PM at A Taste of Barrow.