Reader’s Advisory

I’m always looking for great books to read.  I find my books in many different ways.  I browse the shelves at Barnes and Noble and Borders.  I read my latest copy of School Library Journal.  I also have some websites that feed into my Google Reader.  This week, I discovered a new way to learn about new books to read.  The Athens Regional Library has a reader’s advisory section.  You sign up by email, and the library emails you with news on a variety of book genres that you determine.  I signed up for the “kid’s books” email.  I receive an email that tells me about some suggested titles from the library and a link to that book in the library’s catalog.  I can place a hold right from my computer and have the book waiting for me at the library.  Don’t forget to support your local library and use its many wonderful services.  I keep learning more about what they offer each time I visit their website.

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