Book Fair

Once again, I’d like to announce that the Fall Book Fair Safari starts on Monday.  Visit our book fair page to see some of the books and create a wish list.  Here are some things happening at the book fair:

-Monday October 20th is animal print day.  Wear your favorite animal print clothing.

-Tuesday October 21st is family night.  The book fair is open until 7:00 PM.

-Friday October 22nd we will have a drawing for free books and posters.  Every student who buys a book will be entered into the drawing.

Don’t forget to look at your teacher’s class wishlist that is posted at the entrance to the media center.  Let’s go on a reading safari and raise money for our media center!  The money that is raised will help bring an award-winning author to our school in the spring and buy more books and technology for our media center.

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