Reviews Now Available

We are excited to announce that students can now post reviews of the books that they read by using the review feature in our online catalog. Writing reviews is a great way to practice response to literature writing. It also provides valuable feedback to other students on the books that are in our media center. It will take a long time to build our list of reviews, but if you want to write one, see Mr. Plemmons for more assistance. Classes are currently coming to learn about and practice this feature.  If you feel ready to give it a try at home….visit our card catalog.

  • Click on David C. Barrow Elementary.
  • Login with your username and password.
  • Search for a book that you have read.
  • Click the reviews tab.
  • Click Add Review.
  • Give the book a star rating and type your review (or copy and paste from a Word document)
  • Click Save
  • Now your review is sent to Mr. Plemmons for approval.  Once approved it will appear in the card catalog with the book.

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