Personification Poems

Today Mrs. Selleck’s class visited the media center and studied poems that used personification. We used a lot of poems from Dirty Laundry Pile: Poems in Different Voices selected by Paul B. Janeczko. We also wrote a poem together called Shoe. Students chose the topic and various students gave lines to include in the poem. After we wrote together, students individually crafted their own poems and shared at tables and with the whole group. Here is a video of some of their sharing.

Shoe by Mrs. Selleck’s Class

As I flip flop around
and my hands hit the floor
I’m not tied anymore
Take me off and rest your feet
So I can rest again
I hate smelling the stinky socks
Now I’m tired
And your feet smell!
I hate it when the giants
smash me on the ground.
Occasionally, I see pink, round blobs.
I walk on four legs
but not like a dog.
Tall and Thin.

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