Poetry Reading!

We would like to thank the UGA Athletic Association for selecting our school as one of the sites for their Mission Renewal Day. They donated 23 poetry books to our media center and came today to read the poetry in every classroom in the school. After reading the poetry, the readers assisted teachers and students in classrooms with creating poetry and other reading activities. Watch a video here of some of the readers reading poetry and working with students. It was a fantastic morning of celebrating poetry. Thanks to the UGA Athletic Association for promoting poetry during National Library Week and Poetry Month.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Reading!

  1. Andy, this is so impressive! Kudos to you and the UGA Athletic Association for providing the students such rich learning experiences with poetry!

    Buffy Hamilton
    Creekview High School

    • plemmonsa says:

      Thanks so much, Buffy! It was so rewarding to walk around and see so many people associated with athletics promoting poetry. They were excited about sharing poems with students, and the students responded with lots of great ideas. I’m so glad they were a part of this month-long celebration.

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