Poem in My Pocket Day 2009

What a full day! Everywhere you turned today at Barrow, someone was sharing a poem. I saw custodians, secretaries, teachers, and students stopping one another in the hallways and sharing their poetry. The media center was very busy today with poetry readings all day. Students read poems that they wrote as well as favorite poems that they selected. I loved seeing somany students sit in front of their peers and share poetry. The end of the day was a special treat when the whole 5th grade came and shared their poetry. For 90 minutes, they shared. Everyone shared one poem and then a line formed for students to read more. We finally had to cut the line off so we could go home! Here are some pictures from our day in the media center and a few video clips.  I hope to load a video of the great 5th grade poems tomorrow.  What a great way to end National Poetry Month!

Also,  check out our very own Ms. Olin, who wrote a poem just for today’s Poem In Your Pocket Day.

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