Let’s Take a Journey

I’m very excited to start off a new school year in the Barrow Media Center. We have many new faces at Barrow this year, and I look forward to meeting each one of you.

Our theme in the media center this year is “Take a Journey @ your Library”. I love to go on journeys. This summer, I traveled to Alaska and saw the beauty of that state. Every day was an adventure. I was only there for 7 days and I experienced only a small taste of what Alaska has to offer. There’s no way I could see all of that state, so what do I do about that….? Well, I can take a journey @ the library. I can read books that take place in Alaska like “The Good Dog” or “Akiak”. I can follow a blog of the Iditarod. I can research more about the wildlife that I saw on my trip. When the Iditarod starts, I can choose a favorite musher and track him/her on the trail. I can learn about the Natives of Alaska and how Alaska has changed through the years. These are just a few of the journeys I can take by exploring the resources in the library.  Visit our NetVibes page to see some of the resources I might research.

FireShot capture #2 - 'David C_ Barrow Elementary Media Center (20)' - www_netvibes_com_barrowmediacenter#Alaska

The library is my ticket and yours to journeys all around our world and beyond. What journeys have you taken this summer? Were they actual travels, travels in your imagination, travels on the Internet, or travels through a book?

Tell us about your journeys on here or stop by our journey bulletin board in the Barrow Media Center to display some information about your journey.

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