Almost Astronauts

I don’t consider myself an avid reader of nonfiction, but there was something about this book that begged me to read it. I’m so glad I did because it pushed me to see another side of the space program, a side that I probably wouldn’t have really paused to think about had it not been for this book. Almost Astronauts is about the Mercury 13. Thirteen women took rigorous tests that were much more demanding that those faced by men all in the hopes of being considered for the space program. There were multiple barriers in their way, and in the end, they never became astronauts due to their gender. However, they did pave the way for women to become astronauts years after their own struggles to become astronauts. Some of the shocking aspects of this book for me were things said by John Glenn and Lyndon Johnson. I’ve always thought of John Glenn as a hero, but this book pushed me to see him as a heroic man who did not believe that women or minorities should ever be allowed to become astronauts. Lyndon Johnson viewed women as a minority and believed that if women became astronauts then all minorities would have to be allowed to become astronauts. This book does not hold back in revealing how even today, women are not receiving the recognition that they deserve within certain fields. Even the way the news broadcast stories about astronauts is challenged in this book. This book is for anyone who has a dream and needs inspiration for how to never give up, even when you aren’t achieving your dream. It’s for girls and boys, men and women. I’m so glad that I took time to read and I hope you do too.  Stop by our media center to check it out or look for it in a bookstore or public library near you.

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