Fall into this great book!

Review of Apples and Pumpkins by:  Anne Rockwell

Illustrated by:  Lizzy Rockwell

There’s nothing to me that says “Fall” more loudly than a pumpkin.  As soon as I see that big display of pumpkins at my grocery store, I start feeling a little chilly and warm at the same time.  I love the feel and smell of fall.  I love the chilly mornings when I can wear my favorite soft sweaters, and I LOVE to make my 2 favorite pies:  pumpkin and apple.

This book brings my 2 favorite kinds of pies together.  The people in the book are wearing cozy sweaters, and there are the colors of fall leaves all through the book.  Everything fun that happens in fall is in this book.  The family drives to a country farm to pick apples and pumpkins.  My favorite page is the little girl picking the best pumpkin, the only one that’s waiting just for her.  My next favorite page is the dark page with a glowing funny face that they carved into that perfect pumpkin.  Ooh, I can just smell the seeds roasting in the oven!  On the last 2 pages, there are a lot of great ideas for Fall Trick or Treat costumes.

Whether you’re just learning to really read books on your own, you have a little sister or brother you like to read to, or you have someone who just loves to cuddle up and read to you, this is a super picture book to take home or back to your classroom to get you ready for the sights and smells of my favorite season.  It’s right around the corner.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go check out a book about Fall!

Reviewed by:  Kelly Hocking (“Ms. Kelly”)

One thought on “Fall into this great book!

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