One Week Only!

For one week only, we are raising the limits of books that students can check out.  Why, you ask?  Well…the book fair is coming.  That means that from October 15- October 23 many of our library shelves will be blocked by the 12 cases of books and multiple tables of fabulous merchandise.  This year, I don’t want students to feel like the library is closed and they can’t get new books, so we’re encouraging them to check out some extra books to get them through the week of the book fair.  We will begin this on Monday October 5 and end on Tuesday October 13.  Students in Prek-1st may checkout 3 books.  Students in 2nd grade may checkout 4 books.  Students in grades 3-5 may checkout 5 books.

This also gives students an extra boost to finish collecting their stamps for their passports and reading 600 minutes.  Remember, all passports are due to the media center by October 13.  Happy reading! ~Mr. Plemmons

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