We have been enjoying  supporting writing in the Barrow Media Center.  Right now, every grade level K-5 is working on persuasive writing.  Classes have been coming to the media center and hearing stories that showcase persuasive techniques.  In our talks, we have tried to encourage students to think of persuasive topics that aren’t just about getting something for themselves.  We talk about persuasion that creates change for many.

A second grade classroom worked on persuasive letters to the media center persuading me to purchase specific books for the school.   The students looked in Destiny Quest to see which books we might need extra copies of and which books were not in our media center at all.  They also looked at our media center selection policy and tried to find reasons for purchasing the books they wanted that matched the media center’s policy.  When the letters were finished, the students came to media center and read the letters to me.

My next step is to actually decide which books I will purchase in my next book order.  When these books arrive, these same students will find ways to promote the books and persuade others to read the books.  Most likely they will write reviews in Destiny and the blog as well as speak on our morning broadcast.

I can’t wait to see what other authentic ways we can support the writing that students are doing in their classrooms.

2 thoughts on “Persuasion

  1. What a great way to incorporate writing into library activities in a relavant way! My district is really focusing on writing, and this is a great idea that I can use with my own students.

    I really enjoy following your blog – you are doing great things for your students!

    “Librarian Tiff”

    • plemmonsa says:

      Thanks so much, Librarian Tiff! When I taught third grade, writing was one of my favorite areas to teach. I’m so happy that I’m able to incorporate this into the media center.

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