Book Spine Poetry

Recently, I discovered an interesting kind of poetry called book spine poetry while reading the  100 Scope Notes blog.  This poetry is a type of found poem where you gather books that have titles that speak to you in some way as a poet.  You arrange the books in a stack and let the titles on the spines become your poem.

Recently, two classes gave this type of poetry a try.  As students photographed their poems, they imported the pictures into Photo Story and recorded themselves reading their poems.  Take a look at what they created.

Listen to Mrs. Freeman’s Class Poems

Listen to Mrs. Selleck’s Class Poems

3 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry

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  2. […] Book Spine Poetry:  Students in various grades will create a kind of found poem using books from the library shelves arranged in a stack to write poems using the titles on the spines.  Classes will photograph their stacks and record themselves reading their new poems. […]

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