Battle of the Books Champions Again!

Today was the Clarke County School District Battle of the Books.  Thirteen elementary schools in the district sent their school champions to the Athens Public Library to battle one another in 3 small rounds of competition and one final round.  In each round, students answered 10 questions about the 10 books from the 5th/6th grade list.  The questions got more and more intense throughout the competition.

During round 3, 11 schools had to wait in the auditorium.  Kim James, children’s librarian, entertained everyone with a story.  After the 3 rounds, scores were totaled and Barrow Elementary and Timothy Road Elementary were the top scorers.  These teams battled one another in the auditorium while the other 11 schools watched.  After 20 questions and 1 challenged questions, our Barrow Elementary team won for the 2nd year in a row!  The students were thrilled.  We celebrated with pizza, salad, strawberries, cookies, and Capri sun back at school.  We were also greeted in the rotunda of Barrow by an enthusiastic crowd of teachers and students.

Congratulations to Geoffery, Caroline, Zach, Nathan, & Taqueria for their superb teamwork, communication, reading the fine details, and dedication.  They have been intensely studying these 10 books since December.  I know they will gladly move on to other books now.

We are extremely proud of them.  If you wish to offer any congratulations to the team, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll pass it along.

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