Poem in Your Pocket Day: LIVE!

We have some exciting news about this year’s Poem in Your Pocket Day Friday April 15th in the Barrow Media Center.  Two things will be happening for the 1st time:

1.  Most students will be reading original poetry at our open mic poetry cafe.  Many of these poems were entered in our 1st annual media center poetry contest.

2.  Parents and other interested individuals will be able to listen to the poetry readings live on the web!

Thanks to our district’s new purchase of Adobe Connect, we will be broadcasting each class’s poetry readings online.  An email has been sent out to the PTA listserve with the link to the room.  In the spirit of trying to give our students an authentic audience while still maintaining a safe online atmosphere, we do ask that anyone who would like to view our poem in your pocket day poetry readings register at the following link by Friday morning.  Because of the number of classes doing poetry readings, we are holding poetry readings on two different days.  You will receive a link to our room and can come in and out of the room throughout the day on Friday April 15th and Monday April 18th.  The two-day schedule is posted below.  We hope you will join us and celebrate each student’s poetry with online snaps and positive vibes.  “See” you online 🙂

Poem in Your Pocket Schedule Friday April 15th (Times are EST)

Time Class
8:00 AM Hart
8:20 Sheppard
8:40 Watson
9:00 Brewer
9:20 O’Prey
9:40 Beshara
10:00 Slongo
10:20 Freeman
10:40 Selleck
11:00 Landstrom
11:20 Em
12:00 PM Brink
12:20 Sitler
12:40 Yawn
1:00 Cantrell
1:20 Griffith
1:40 Rogers
2:00 Shealey

Poem in Your Pocket Schedule Monday April 18th (Times are EST)

Time Class
8:00 AM
8:20 Boyle
8:40 Li
9:00 Carney
9:20 Hocking
9:40 Spurgeon
11:00 Stuckey
12:00 PM Wyatt

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