More Poem In Your Pocket 2011

Today, 7 more classes came to the media center to read their poetry.  Even with power outages and our wireless network crashing, we were able to get every class’s reading recorded.  Some of the recordings will have moments in them where the video feed is lost, but all students were recorded.  Here are their poetry recordings.

Boyle Kindergarten

Li Kindergarten

Carney Kindergarten

Hocking PreK

Spurgeon PreK

Stuckey 1st Grade

Wyatt 1st Grade

3 thoughts on “More Poem In Your Pocket 2011

  1. Kathy says:

    Andy, I love what you have done for Poem in Your Pocket day – next year we MUST connect via Skype (or whatever video conferencing software we each have) – I connected with four different schools and the kids LOVED reading and hearing poems read by others – it would be fun to connect with someone close by too!

    • plemmonsa says:

      @Kathy: When I saw your post about your Skype visits, I was wishing that I had collaborated with you this year. Definitely, let’s try to do something next year. I loved using Adobe Connect, which allowed us to share files, have a live chat, and be able to see video and hear audio. I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Joel Frey says:

    @Kathy: We use Adobe Connect Meeting in Clarke County to save money on travel and mileage reimbursement for meetings at the district level. Andy and I were talking one Friday and after hearing what he wanted to do, I just knew we should use this instead of Skype. If your district is interested in something like this, have someone email me. It is very inexpensive.

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