2 thoughts on “April Monthly Report

  1. Stephanie Wells says:

    How do you count your patrons for your monthly report?

    • plemmonsa says:

      A great question (and one that I trouble all the time)! It’s very unscientific. Teachers book their classes on a public calendar, so at the end of the month, I go through and count all of the classes that came to the media center for lessons and to use the computers. That part is pretty accurate. For all of the students that come in to work or checkout individually, I have a clipboard that they put a tally mark on as they get their shelf marker. The problem is that some weeks there are so many marks that I can’t read all of the marks and some students come in without making a mark. It really comes down to a good estimate from the marks that are on the clipboard. I add all of these numbers together for the total. Some libraries have a counter that students step on as they come in and out of the library, so that would actually give a more accurate count, but I haven’t invested in that. If you have any great ideas for counting, please let me know! 🙂

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