Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Every year we host a “Dr. Seuss Day” in honor of his birthday and Read Across America Day.  This year we had 40 guest readers from the community and from Sigma Phi Epsilon at UGA.  These readers were scheduled by the media center and sent to classrooms to read Dr. Seuss stories.  As always, the kids were so excited to have the community come into their classrooms to read.

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Thank you to:

Tyler Sonnier (organizer of the Sig Ep brothers)

Blake Hudson

Cleve Jackson

Luke Mosley

Hester Meyers (Former Barrow librarian, parent, and now grandparent)

Gant Jones

Davis Webb

Brooks Tilley

Raleigh Garett

Joey Sharp

Jed Darden

Cam Hay

Todd Lambert

Paul Kurtz (UGA professor)

Taylor Richardson

John Austin Vance

Jeremy Howard

John Manack

Robin Krause

Andrew Lipsey

Cuthbert Langley

Kenneth Reynolds

JoBeth Allen (UGA professor and Red Clay Writing Project leader)

Bryn Adamson (Actress & Barrow mom)

Andrew Walker

Brent Zurcher

Jess Milner

Ryan Garrahan

Janet Geddis (owner of Avid Bookshop)

Maxine Eason (former principal)

Denise Spangler (Board of Education member)

Brad Glissen

Graham Holt

Heidi Davison (former mayor)

Kevin O’Neil (Barrow parent)

Keith Weaver (former Barrow teacher)

Ken Mauldin (Barrow parent & district attorney)

Joe Garrigan


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