Book Spine Poetry

Today Mrs. Yawn’s 2nd grade class made book spine poems.  This is a project that I started with classes a couple of years ago, but over time it has developed.  I’ve learned more about crafting book spine poems that make more sense than randomly pulling books off the shelf.  One tip that I give students is to look for book titles that don’t have character name in them.  I also suggest looking for one book title that speaks to you in some way and building upon that.  For example, the book I know Here refers to a place, so you might look for other books that refer to place to make a strong poem.  Here are the results of today.

2 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry

  1. Heather Verreault says:

    This was so creative. I would never have thought of using spines. It almost remanded me of the series, “I Read to You, You Read to Me”. Thanks for sharing!
    What video editing do you use?

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