Poem in Your Pocket Day 2012 (Part 2)

We had more wonderful poetry readings today.  We also had guests tuning in from India, Seattle, Chicago, Belvidere, Florida, North Carolina, and a media center in Lexington, KY.  The students loved extending their listening audience and hearing their warm comments.  You can listen to today’s archives at the links below:

Mrs. Slongo’s 5th grade

Mrs. Cross’s 5th grade

Mrs. Carney’s Kindergarten

Mrs. Hocking’s PreK

Mrs. Spurgeon’s 3rd grade

Mrs. McCannon’s 3rd grade

Mrs. Griffith’s 3rd grade

Mrs. Clarke’s PreK

Ms. Olin’s 4th grade

Mrs. Freeman’s 4th Grade

Mrs. Selleck’s 4th Grade


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