Skyping with Steve Milone @ Fox5 Atlanta

Mrs. Yawn’s enrichment cluster came to the library today to Skype with Steve Milone, meteorologist at Fox5 Atlanta.  The session was excellent.  The students have been studying weather for the past 4 enrichment cluster sessions and prepared questions to ask Steve.

Before the students came to Skype, Steve and I did a test call to check our sound and video quality.  This doesn’t always mean the session is going to go smoothly, but it does prevent those initial Skype setup mistakes that often happen.  Steve planned to switch from a stationary computer to an iPad, so we practiced doing that before the students arrived.

During the session, the students sat on the carpet in front of the Smart Board.  A student introduced the cluster and welcomed Steve.  Then, he launched into his introduction.  We disconnected and he called us again on the iPad in order to give a studio tour.  He walked all over the Fox5 Studio to show us the green screen, numerous computers, anchor desk, interview area, and more.  I was amazed at how close all of the areas are together.  It seems so much bigger on tv!

After the tour, Steve returned to his stationary computer and the students asked questions that they had prepared.  You can hear 2 of the questions here:

Many thanks to Fox5, Steve Milone, and Mrs. Yawn’s enrichment cluster for this great experience!  Look for this cluster to be on Fox5 Atlanta Sunday @ 8:15AM.

2 thoughts on “Skyping with Steve Milone @ Fox5 Atlanta

  1. Kathy says:

    Steve works with my husband at Fox 5 – he’s been to my school a few times, he’s a great guy! Glad you got to connect with him!

    • plemmonsa says:


      Awesome! I was really impressed with the visit. He said he would probably do more school visits this way.

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