Found Poetry with the Word Mover App

IMG_0392I always love collaborating with Ms. Hocking in Kindergarten.  A few weeks ago, she shared a great iPad app by Read Write Think called Word Mover.  It’s basically a magnetic poetry app.  You can choose from a word bank or from several famous works such as the I have a Dream speech and America the Beautiful.  In each word bank, you can also add your own words, change the font, and the color.  You can also choose from several backgrounds to put behind your poem.  Students drag the words in any order that they want to create their poem just like you would do with magnetic poetry on the fridge.  Students give their poem a title and save it to the camera roll.  From there, you can use the image however you want.  Ms. Hocking plans to display the poems on her smart board during April.  IMG_0393

This was a great tie-in to found poetry.  We also talked about how you could walk the halls f the school and borrow words from the student work that is hanging on the walls in order to write  a new poem.  The Kindergarten class used this tool without a lot of instruction.  Ms. Hocking and I walked around and helped students with questions.  The most common help needed was being able to read one of the words.  They really didn’t have problems using the technology.

Take a look at the poetry gallery below.


2 thoughts on “Found Poetry with the Word Mover App

  1. Lisa Fink says:

    Thanks so much for highlighting the Word Mover! We are thrilled to see how you used it with your class.We’d love to hear any additional feedback you have! Thanks again!

    • plemmonsa says:

      We had so much fun with this app! I really loved that you could remix famous speeches and would love even more. Now that I have it, I think I can tie it in nicely with 4th & 5th grade social studies next year.

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