3rd Annual Barrow Media Center Poetry Contest

IMG_0377 IMG_0378For the past 3 years, the media center has hosted a poetry contest leading up to Poem In Your Pocket Day.  The hope was that this contest would encourage students to carry and read original poetry rather than just a copied poem.  Each year participation grows.  This year, we had over 180 entries from students in grades PreK-5th grade.  It is near impossible to choose just one winner in each age bracket.  This year, we had 7 top winners.  Each of these students earned a certificate, an autographed book or journal, and their poem featured here on our blog.

Over 60 other students earned certificates for poetry in several categories including:  list poetry, science poetry, Where I’m From poetry, concrete poetry, acrostic poetry, feelings poetry, humorous poetry, story poetry, found poetry, and deep thinking poetry.  These students had their names announced on BTV and earned a pencil, pen, bookmark, or other small prize.

I can’t wait to see how this contest grows, and I especially can’t wait to listen to all of the great poems read aloud at our annual Poem In Your Pocket Days this Thursday and Friday.  Please join us!  You can find the schedule here.

Where I’m From

By Natalie

2nd Grade

I am from the Georgia Bulldogs

A cat who scratches

My Mommy, Daddy, Grandmas and Grandpas

I am from a big purple rose bush

I am from Friday Movie Nights

Eating out at the Burger Barn

I am from a family of worry warts

Rise and shines and Goodnights

I am from golf clubs and bridles

And dreaming to own a famous racehorse

I am from a big funny family

That is where I’m from!


By Patricia

3rd Grade


Hummingbird, Hummingbird

They drink nectar from pretty little flowers.


Hummingbird, Hummingbird

They fly around all day.


Hummingbird, Hummingbird

They flap down and snooze in their nests.


Hummingbird, Hummingbird

It is great to meet you!


Hummingbird, Hummingbird

It is sad to leave you!

Dragons Today, Dragons Tomorrow, Dragons Past, Dragons Forever

By Cassie

5th Grade



The air beats around me as I open my eyes to see the beautiful creatures flying above my head,

Their wings beat up and down in a pattern together,


Their wings display colors like you’ve never seen, hypnotizing you, making you see colorful

rabbits hopping in front of your eyes and otters gliding through a river,

I always see wondering dragons all around, wandering, but never this close,

Never this close do I get to hear them,

Roaring and beating their wings, snapping their tails,

Never this close do I get to see them,

Flying above and away,

Never this close do I get to feel them,

The breeze blowing around me at the top of the hill and their breath down my neck,

Never this close do I get to taste them,

The sweet grass I’m chewing and the taste of the freedom and wind,

Never this close do I get to smell them,

The smell of wondering and knowing and curiosity from the young ones,

The young ones fly around, chasing each other and occasionally bumping into elder ones,

while older ones roll their eyes and beat their wings, keeping a steady rhythm through the air,

they don’t notice me on top of the hill watching them,

More dragons sweep through, gathering gusts of air whipping my long hair around,

One glides so close to me, I know if I wanted to reach out and touch it, I would have

touched its scaly skin,

For I am too a young one full of curiosity, living in the world where no man has touched yet,

Where it is peaceful,

The wandering dragons keep sailing through the sky and I don’t notice them growing

smaller as they soar farther away,

As quick as they had come they disappear back into the sky,

I wave goodbye, and as I put my hand down it seems as if a tail sticks out of the sky and

starts waving, as if the dragons are saying good bye to me too,

I take one last look at where the dragons disappeared and then look away, you can’t hope

wandering and wondering dragons to stay forever, because it’s not in their nature,…….

They like to wander and wonder.


By Hank


April is warm

April is baseball season.  Hooray!

April is rain

April is sunlight.  Doesn’t everybody love April?

April makes grass green

April is the Final Four and the championship and go Louiseville!

April is the best season

April is when lots of plants grow

April is when people play outdoors

April is school time

April is when it is dark in the morning and light at night

April is when more sports go on.


by Sadie

1st Grade

Fireworks glisten in the air!

Boom! Crash!

Sizzle!  Everywhere.

The colorful colors of light

But when it goes out

It’s the pitch black dark.


The Soldiers Lying on the Battlefield

By Taylor

5th Grade

For the strong and the powerful, the ones who lie to rest, all soldiers

who gave their lives, all soldiers who risked their lives for our country.


For our country, to be one people and stay one people.


Our one people, lying on that battlefield, never returning to the

country that will still be free, everyone still free, but them lost, them to never

be found, to always be missing.


Yes it’s them on the battlefield that kept our country one people.

Them, that kept us free.  Them, they deserve to be alive more than any of

us.  Them, lying on the battlefield.


This is the power of war, this is the power of one bomb, of one

missle, one gunshot, one person with a knife in the forest, this is what it

does to one people, many people.


Thank you veterans lying at rest for giving your life for this nation.

Thank you veterans wounded for everything you lost.


Thank you veterans here before me for going out to war and fighting

brave, as a reward you come back with scars and bruises that show you’re



Thank you for fighting the fear, for facing the bombs, and missiles,

and one person in the forest with a knife, for keeping us one people, for

keeping us all free.


You deserve the best, you gave me a beautiful nation to live in, and it

was you, you deserve the thanks, you deserve to be one people.


You and soldiers lying on the battlefield.




By Eli

4th Grade

As the fires rain down

as the gunshots are heard

as the trees burn I wonder

I wonder what caused this

why do we turn on each other

what drives us to kill

why does hell rain from heaven

and why does mankind discriminate,

When we love each other

or do we

and when the bomb drops on only ashes,

what have we achieved






what do we achieve

every move brings us down with a weight







what did we gain when we made the bomb

what did we achieve when the cities


human torches


all hell rained down

that day

as the towers fell

as the planes exploded

as the harbor sank

all hell rained down

what do we achieve

do we become godly

or devilish

do we gain power

or lose money

do we become popular

or outcasts







when all hell rains down

Here’s a gallery of our winners from this year:

One thought on “3rd Annual Barrow Media Center Poetry Contest

  1. Mrs. Sikes says:

    This is so exciting! My school is hosting our first annual Poetry Contest this year and I can’t wait to read what my students write. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

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