Interactive Ebook Station

interactive screenWe finally have another piece of our new library put together.  Our touchscreen computer was just setup in our display case just inside the doors of the library.  This screen can be used for multiple functions, but our primary function is to allow it to be a space where students browse our Capstone Interactive Ebook Collection.  When you purchase Capstone Interactive Ebooks, you get a direct link to the ebooks that automatically logs you in.  This is in addition to a unique username and password for the whole school to use.  The home screen of this computer will be directed to that specific link.  Students can spend time listening or reading an entire book at this station or they can browse the collection for books that they might read later.  Also, when students are asking for specific kinds of books, I can easily show them the ebooks that fit their requests without having to pull up the ebooks on a computer where students are also trying to look for books in Destiny.

Tomorrow on our morning broadcast, students will get to see a video advertising this new feature.  I look forward to seeing how students use this new feature in our library.



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