World Read Aloud Day 2014 (Day 4)

Our skype connections continued today with 7 more fun read aloud experiences for our students.

Edie Crook Gastonia, NC
Okle Miller Tampa Fl
Cherie Smeltzer  New Hampshire
Shawna Ford  Texas
Jenny Lussier  e Connecticutt
Wendy Garland  Massachussetts
Shannon Miller Iowa

We started our day connecting with Edie Crook and her students in Gastonia, NC.  We had fund reading I’m Bored and then saying the word “boring” in different ways.

edie crook (1) edie crook (2) edie crook (3) edie crook (4) edie crook (5)

Next, Okle Miller and I read aloud Same, Same but Different.  Our kids had fun talking about what was the same but different about life in Athens and Tampa.

Okle Miller (5) Okle Miller (3) Okle Miller (1)

We did our very first skype with PreK today when we connected with Cherie Smeltzer and her students.  They read Yes Day to us and we had fun thinking of what we would ask for on our own yes day.

Cherie Smeltzer (1) Cherie Smeltzer (2) Cherie Smeltzer (3) Cherie Smeltzer (7)

Shawna Ford’s students read Mr. Tiger Goes Wild to us, and I read Same, Same but Different to them.  We had a great discussion about the importance of reading picture books at every age.  Shawna compared it to how Disney movies have something that kids understand but some deeper meaning that mostly adults understand.  My kids really grabbed onto the idea.

Shawna Ford (3) Shawna Ford (2) Shawna Ford (1)

Jenny Lussier and I had a blast reading aloud Crankee Doodle to our students.  It is a hard book to read without cracking up!  I loved how our students suggested great books to read.

Jenny Lussier (3)

Wendy Garland and I read aloud This is Not My Hat.  Our students had a lot of opinions about what happened at the end.  We had a great discussion about the term “just right” and how this book was chosen as a “just right” book for our skype.

Wendy Garland (6) Wendy Garland (1)

I loved ending the day by reading aloud Flora & Ulysses to Shannon Miller’s students.  We had to get a bit creative on how to show the comics since Shannon’s copy was checked out, but we made it work.  The kids are all excited about the book and our copy that just arrived today was immediately checked out.

I can’t believe there’s only one day of connections left.  Tomorrow has several fun and surprising moments in store.  I can’t wait t end our week with some more great stories, authors, students, and librarians.

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