A Flipgrid Celebration for Our Black History Project

Flipgrid Celebration (1)

Flipgrid is just an amazing group of people.  At the end of our black history project, we held a Skype session with them to celebrate our work.  It was very special for our students to connect with the entire team of developers of the app, but they had a big surprise in store for us.  The Flipgrid team truly admired the work of our students and how they were using Flipgrid to get their voices out into the world, so they wanted to show their appreciation to the students by giving them a little celebration.

They mailed us a big pack of stickers to give to every student, a handwritten thank you note, and some funds to sponsor a little party for the students.

Flipgrid Celebration (8)

The students had a blast coming to the library to have  a slice of pizza, a juice, an orange, and a Flipgrid sticker.  We used this time to have a viewing party of our work and chat about our week.

Flipgrid Celebration (7) Flipgrid Celebration (6)

Then, some of the students took a moment to send a thank you back to Flipgrid by recording some videos on a Thank You grid.  We love our collaborative relationship with Flipgrid and look forward to using this tool for many more years to connect our voices with the world as well as unite our voices with the world.


Listen to our thank you’s by clicking the picture below.


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