An Author’s Process

The internet gives us access to so many amazing resources.  Lately, I’ve enjoyed reading Deborah Wiles’ blog.  She is working on a new novel, and she writes on her blog about the celebrations and struggles she goes through as an author.  She makes the writing process so real and vivid, and she reminds us that it’s ok to procrastinate and worry over the words that we choose to write.  It’s ok to write a whole page and then think that it’s not good.  It’s these kinds of thoughts that make us want to make our writing even better.  I encourage you to visit her website and her blog and follow along as she shares the writing process.

Book Blogs

From time to time, I want to point you in the direction of other great blogs that I come across that are related to books.  This weekend, I was reading the Athens Banner Herald and I came across a book review for Captain Underpants.  I know how much many of our Barrow students love that book, so I clicked on the link and read it.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the review was written by a kid, Grace Polaneczky.  I taught Grace this summer at Camp Red Clay Writing Camp, which is held at Barrow each summer.  She has started a blog for kids by a kid.  She already has several great book reviews posted.  It is so wonderful to see students reaching out to students to share great books.  I wish Grace the best on her writing endeavors, and I hope that many of you will check out her blog.