What a Media Center Looks Like

Today I offer you a glimpse into one moment in the David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center.  I found myself stopping in my tracks today and just looking around at all that was going on in a moment in time.  Here’s what I saw simultaneously:

  • A group of fourth graders with their teacher making a list of books to read in the future
  • A group of early learners with their teacher in the computer lab using Headsprout software to practice reading
  • A group of 5th graders with their teacher at tables and the computer lab writing scenarios for future problem solving
  • A class of 2nd graders presenting graphic novels they had created and sharing the process they used to create them.  Parents, teachers, and other second grade classes were hearing their presentations.
  • A group of upper grade students was working with their teacher to find resources for a project in the media center while others in the group quietly read in the floor.
  • A small group of 3rd graders sat at a table with a timer and discussed their books for battle of the books.

In all, there were more than 125 learners in the media center fully-engaged in activities.  Those are the moments that I love in the media center.  Those are the moments that show the productivity and enthusiasm for reading and learning that can happen in a school library.  I wish that legislators, school board members, and community members could have paused and observed this moment with me!