An Author’s Process

The internet gives us access to so many amazing resources.  Lately, I’ve enjoyed reading Deborah Wiles’ blog.  She is working on a new novel, and she writes on her blog about the celebrations and struggles she goes through as an author.  She makes the writing process so real and vivid, and she reminds us that it’s ok to procrastinate and worry over the words that we choose to write.  It’s ok to write a whole page and then think that it’s not good.  It’s these kinds of thoughts that make us want to make our writing even better.  I encourage you to visit her website and her blog and follow along as she shares the writing process.

Reader’s Advisory

I’m always looking for great books to read.  I find my books in many different ways.  I browse the shelves at Barnes and Noble and Borders.  I read my latest copy of School Library Journal.  I also have some websites that feed into my Google Reader.  This week, I discovered a new way to learn about new books to read.  The Athens Regional Library has a reader’s advisory section.  You sign up by email, and the library emails you with news on a variety of book genres that you determine.  I signed up for the “kid’s books” email.  I receive an email that tells me about some suggested titles from the library and a link to that book in the library’s catalog.  I can place a hold right from my computer and have the book waiting for me at the library.  Don’t forget to support your local library and use its many wonderful services.  I keep learning more about what they offer each time I visit their website.

Sea Otter Awareness Week

This week is sea otter awareness week.  The Georgia Aquarium is celebrating this week with their 2 sea otters, Oz and Gracie.  My wife and I love to go the aquarium to see these two otters.  Gracie is very sweet because she swims with one paw in her mouth as if it’s her comforting blanket.  You can visit the aquarium’s website for more information about sea otter awareness week and a video of Oz and Gracie or stop by our media center to look up information online or in our books.