It’s Poetry Month!

As March comes to a close, we are excited about poetry in the media center. April is National Poetry Month. Today, I setup some displays of poetry books for students, teachers, and community members to enjoy. Tomorrow, I will be talking with all teachers at our faculty meeting about making April a celebration of poetry. On April 30th, we will celebrate National Poem in Your Pocket day by carrying poems in our pockets, having poetry slams in the media center, displaying our poems in a variety of ways, and recording our poetry to share with others. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite poems with you, and I hope you will share your poems with me, too.

2 thoughts on “It’s Poetry Month!

  1. informania says:

    Hope that your Poetry Month is a hit!

    • plemmonsa says:

      Thanks so much. We did poetry with PreK yesterday, and I did a kickoff with teachers today after school.

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