5th Grade Skidaway Trip



The 5th grade just got back from a great trip to Skidaway Island to learn about GA’s Coast. While we were there, questions kept popping up from our students. I heard adults say numerous times that those questions would be great things to look up. What a great opportunity for us to learn about information literacy. As our year comes to a close, I encourage all of those students to keep asking those questions and searching for the answers in books, magazines, encyclopedias, databases, and the Internet. Here’s a video of our trip and some pictures from the journey.



3 thoughts on “5th Grade Skidaway Trip

  1. Mrs. Brink says:

    We had an amazing trip! I was so impressed with the curiousity and openness of all the students. We learned so much – about marine biology and each other. What precious memories!

  2. jakob sullins says:

    ya it was fun……..

    • plemmonsa says:

      Jakob….I’m very glad you had a great time. I had fun being your chaperone. -Mr. Plemmons

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