What is Your Summer Reading Plan?

I’ve been working with students on making plans for summer reading. We’ve talked about the kinds of books we want to read, when we will read, how long we will read, what we need to create a reading atmosphere, and what we’ll do to make sure we’re understanding & enjoying our books. I’ve started my stack of books to read this summer, and I can’t wait to get started.

Athens Library 001

Today, Kim James from the Athens Regional Library came to talk about the summer reading program, Be Creative @ Your Library. I encourage all of you to visit your public library over the summer for some great books and fun book activities.

Athens Library 004

Summer is quickly approaching.  So…what’s your summer reading plan? Leave a comment below and let us know books that you plan to read or any type of plan you have created for yourself to make sure you have a summer filled with reading.

Athens Library 003

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