Read Around the World

Our book fair is coming October 16-23.  To celebrate its arrival, we’re going to “Read Around the World” for the next month.  Students will receive a sheet on Monday that is their passport for the next 4 weeks.  Each section of our media center has been labeled with one of the 7 continents.  When you check out a book from that section, you earn a stamp.  Collect all 7 stamps in the next 4 weeks to have your name put into a drawing for free books at our book fair.  Also, on the back of the passport, keep track of how many minutes you read.  If you read a total of 600 minutes, you will have your name put in the drawing a second time.  If you earn all of your stamps and complete your 600 minutes of reading, you will also have a flag with your name on it hanging at the entrance to our book fair.

Do what works for you.  If you want to keep your       passport at school to collect stamps and have a piece of notebook paper at home to write down your reading minutes, then that is perfectly fine.  When you turn everything in, just attach all of the sheets together.  Your passport is due by October 13th.

What are you waiting for?   Let’s read around the world!  Stop by the media center as often as you can to check out great books for reading.  Families and teachers are welcome to participate, too!

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