A Spy in the White House

A Spy in the White House by Ron Roy with illustrations by Timothy Bush

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the White House? How about solving a mystery in the White House? I love to read mysteries and I try to solve them before the end of the book. This story is about KC and her best friend, Marshall who are in the White House because KC’s mother is going to marry the president of the United States. Somehow secrets about the wedding are leaked to the newspapers and the wedding might have to be cancelled because of it. Well, KC and Marshall decide that they are going to find out who the spy in the White House is so that the wedding can go on as planned.

They meet some very interesting characters along the way including a  reporter named Darla Darling and George, the President’s cat, who pops up everywhere in the White House. You will be surprised at who some of the suspects turn out to be. One is actually the vice-president! I enjoyed reading about KC and Marshall as they wondered through the White House and the streets of Washington DC. I grew up in the Washington DC area so it was fun for me to read about some of the places I had visited when I was younger.

If you are a fan of mysteries you’ll enjoy reading A Spy in the White House and some of the other Capital Mysteries as well. It turns out that you can follow KC and Marshall as they solve other mysteries in the nations’ capital. I know that I’m going to read many other books from this series. You should try one too!
Reviewed by Mrs. Efland

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