The Man Behind the Peace Prize

The news and Internet has been flooded with conversation about the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama.  I have found it interesting that so many people are arguing with one another over a prize that is intended to celebrate peace and problem solving.  As I was looking in the biographies, I remembered a book that I recently ordered for our library called, Alfred Nobel:  The Man Behnind the Peace Prize by Kathy-Jo Wargin and Illustrated by Zachary Pullen.  I pulled out the book and read it to remind myself how this prize came to be and what Alfred Nobel intended it to be.

Alfred Nobel was an inventor.  He and his brother used nitroglycerin to create gun powder, blasting caps, and dynamite.  These devices had wonderful potential for doing good in the world, but people used these inventions in times of war and many people died because of them.  How in the world is this connected with peace, you ask?  Well, in this book, the author paints a picture of Alfred Nobel’s life and thoughts and how he came to create an award that celebrates peace.  You’ll need to read the book to find out how that happens.

The illustrations in this book are stunning.  I especially love the cover which shows a close-up of Alfred Nobel’s face with the reflection of a dove in his eye.  I also enjoyed reading through the list of Nobel Peace Prize winners found in the back of the book.  It includes winners from 1901-2008.  It seems like I only pay attention to the winners when they are faces and names that I recognize, but I enjoyed reading through the names and pausing to consider and honor each name and his/her accomplishments.

I hope that you will wonder more about the Nobel Peace Prize now that our president has received it.  I encourage you to stop by the media center and check out this book today.  How will you create peace in our world?

Reviewed By Mr. Plemmons

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