A few thoughts from Charlotte…

My mind is overflowing with new ideas for our media center.  I’m at the AASL Conference in Charlotte, NC, and I’m in awe at the creativity & knowledge of my librarian colleagues from across the country.  I’m also overwhelmed by the support that authors are giving to librarians and their role in creating sanctuaries for kids to come and access information and stories.  Tonight, I heard Laurie Halse Anderson talk about censorship and how censorship is an evil brew made up of power, fear, and frustration.  She continued by naming library budget cuts and cuts of library positions as a form of censorship.

Laurie Halse Anderson was not the only author who spoke of the importance of school librarians.  James Patterson began the day by praising the work that librarians do to open doors for young readers.  He stressed the importance of helping children have positive experiences with books.  Kids should have access to the books that they want to read.  Once they find a love of books, other books that adults want them to read can be sprinkled into the mix.  I want to highlight James Patterson’s website Read Kiddo Read because it is a wonderful resource for finding new books to read whether you’re a student, a parent, a teacher, a friend, or a family member.  Mr. Patterson includes many categories of books, including a section on supporting reluctant boy readers.  Please check out his site and see what you find.

I invite you to include any thoughts in the comments section of this post about:  censorship, librarians, how you find your own books to read, or resources you have to share.

read kiddo read


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