Veterans Day 2009

We had a wonderful day honoring veterans in our media center today.  Barrow’s 5th grade works very hard to create a day of celebrating and honoring the veterans connected to our school community.  Mrs. Slongo’s class discovered the book, America’s White Table by Margot Theis Raven, after I borrowed it from our public library.  They decided to create this table for display at our veterans celebration and one student discussed the symbolism of the table.  For more info on the white table, visit this site.

white table

Other students read informational writing and poetry at the event to honor the veterans in attendance.  At each table, students were chosen to interview veterans and introduce them to the room.  Finally, Sophie and Levi served as roving reporters and interviewed many of the veterans in order to capture their stories from their days of service.  You can check out the video by clicking this link.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful veterans day today.


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