Third Grade Expert Day

Third graders gathered in the media center today to interview habitat experts.  These students are involved in a project to learn about the plants, animals, and habitats of Georgia.  At the end of their project, students will design a state park that will fit into one of the habitats of Georgia with as minimal impact to the native plants and animals as possible.

Students began their learning exploration by gaining background information in their classroom about the habitats of Georgia and habitat terminology.  Then, students visited the media center and used a pathfinder to search website resources to inform their questions about the plants, landforms, animals, and climate of their assigned habitat.  To prepare for today, students developed questions that they needed to ask an expert in order to inform their state park project.  Students rotated every 10 minutes to expert tables and listened to presentations and asked questions about a variet of topics.  Many thanks to our experts who attended today:

Chris Adamson (Landscape Designer)
Berkley Boone (Memorial Park)

Melissa Caspary (Barrow Garden Designer)

Sara Clarke – (Horticulture/Parent)

Alicia Coughlan (Vermicomposting)

John Maerz (UGA/Warnell Natural Resources)

Lincoln Larson (UGA Eco Reach)

Debbie Mitchell (GA State Botanical Gardens)
Dawn Biehl (Floral Design)

The third grade teachers and resource teachers have worked incredibly hard to make this a dynamic learning experience for our students.  I am so glad that these students and teachers used their classrooms, the media center, and community resources to connect students with quality information.  I can’t wait to see the final projects that students create using the information they have discovered.

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