Media Festival

Today we held a media festival to showcase inquiry projects from Ms. Hicks and Ms. Biehl’s spectrum class.  I recently wrote about the process for creating these projects and you can find that information here.  Today was a day to celebrate the work that these students accomplished.  Third and Fourth grade classes came and viewed the projects, while the students talked about what they had learned in doing the projects.  There was also a session for parents, mentors, and district personnel to come and view the projects as well.

This truly was an incredible process and collaboration between Ms. Hicks, Ms. Biehl, Mr. Piazza from the district, and myself.  Students were also strongly supported by mentors who were experts in the fields that students were investigating.

Take a look at the pictures of everyone enjoying the festival, and also take some time to view the student projects on our media center webpage.

2 thoughts on “Media Festival

  1. Kristy Mayfield says:

    What a great morning of showcasing great projects! Kudos to all of the students and teachers who worked so hard on ALL of the interesting and educational projects that were presented! The students clearly took great pride in creating and sharing their work.

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