Student Voice, Student Choice Grant

Today, a group of students from 3rd-5th grades met in the media center with their lunch to complete another step of our Student Voice, Student Choice Book Club.  This club is funded by a grant from the CCSD Foundation for  Excellence.  In the grant, students have a budget to purchase books for our media center.  Students must spend their entire budget, which means they may have to combine their budget with another student in order to spend every penny.  The books will be ones that are of interest to the students in the group and books that are on a level that the students are comfortable with.

Today’s session featured Jim Boon, a representative from Capstone Press.  We will be using this company to purchase our books.  He brought numerous samples of books for the students to look at and read.  Students created lists of books that they were interested in.  Next week, each group of students will sit down with a Capstone catalog and their list and begin to spend their budgets and finalize their orders.

Once the books arrive, the students will be the first to read them and will write reviews to share with the rest of the school.  Then, the books will go into circulation for all students at Barrow.

Check out today’s excitement.

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